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2018 little elm craft brew & que festival

Featuring LIVE music from Brandon Rhyder, Dalton Domino & Cameron Hobbs!  Family friendly Beer & BBQ festival set along Lake Lewisville




‚ÄčThere is no one Texas Sound. 

Rather, there is a shared Texas musical spirit,

one characterized by taking chances, trying new ideas,

melding your neighbor's music into your own,

all united by an attitude of, "Why not?"

Casey Monahan - The Texas Music Office

We love to visit Texas Fairs and Festivals that feature LIVE music!  They are a great way to bring music to a community for an affordable price.  Visit our Fairs & Festivals page to take a look at some of the events around Texas.  From time to time we will also take a minute to feature some of our favorites!  


Sometimes you want to dance and sometimes you just want to sit, sip your favorite beverage and listen to a talented singer/songwriter.  Visit our Venues page for a list of Texas venues that feature LIVE music.  We will also feature some of our favorites to visit.  There is someplace for everyone there!


forney bbq

cook-off & festival

Featuring LIVE music from Jack Ingram, Kaitlin Butts & Jake Worthington!  Family friendly event benefiting Forney Food Pantry & Sharing The Love Foundation


Check out our What's New page to take a look at new album releases from some of our favorite musicians.  We will also take a moment to highlight an Artist that has recently caught our attention.  Maybe we can introduce you to someone new or remind you why you love one of your old favorites!