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Two bills have been filed this session that would do away with Texas Music Office and the Texas Film Commission completely: Senate Bill 99 by Sen. Bob Hall, R-Canton and House Bill 779 by Rep. Matt Shaheen, R-West Plano.

 Texas Music Beat strongly opposes these bills. Thousands of Texas Music related businesses have all been contacted to make them aware of these bills.  We intend to strongly oppose Sen. Bob Hall and Rep. Matt Shaheen’s bills with petitions of any unfavorable bills that adversely affect the growth and vitality of Texas music and music related businesses throughout our state.

 In Austin alone, Music-related income now exceeds $3.5 billion annually. The Music Industry throughout Texas generates economic development and also benefits Texans with thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of music revenue as well as international branding that is a key factor for companies outside the music industry to compete for high quality workforce recruitment, and also attracts technology companies and other employers to locate to Texas.

The Texas Music Office (TMO) assists and promotes the development of the music industry in the state by informing musicians, music professionals and the public about the resources available in the state for the perpetuation and promotion of the Texas Music Industry.

 As professional musicians and music professionals in the Texas Music Industry, and fans of Texas music, we ask you to stand against the abolishment of the Texas Music Office, in our opinion, this would be a mistake that would affect ourselves, the quality of music, and the music business in Texas.

Over view of bills

85(R) HB 779 Authored by: Shaheen and 85(R) SB 99 Authored by Hall

Relating to the abolishment of the Music, Film, Television, and Multimedia Office in the office of the governor and the moving image industry incentive program.

(a) The Music, Film, Television, and Multimedia   Office in the office of the governor is abolished.         

(b)  All records and other property in the custody of the   Music, Film, Television, and Multimedia Office are transferred to the office of the governor.         

(c)  All unobligated and unexpended appropriations of the   Music, Film, Television, and Multimedia Office lapse.         

(d)  All donations, gifts, and grants made to the Music, Film, Television, and Multimedia Office shall be transferred

This Act takes effect September 1, 2017.

These bills would eliminate the office and, therefore, its ability to monitor the growth and promotion of the Texas Music Industry.

We feel that this would be a net negative for music industry here in Texas to say nothing of the negative impact on the film industry.

2017 STEP Conference Registration & Showcase Application

The STEP annual Conference & Showcase is coming up March 5&6. This year the ATX/San Antonio/Waco chapter is hosting our event in Georgetown.

Conference sessions will be held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. Be sure to mention STEP when making your reservation for the negotiated rate. Click here for your Conference Registration form.

Our Showcase will take place right down the road in Granger at the Cotton Club and Steak House. Click here for your Showcase Act application.

The conference program is still firming up, so expect future emails regarding that.

Also, don't forget to get your memberships renewed before the end of this month for a discount!

See you in Georgetown!



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